Extravaganza 2021

Top Four Individuals for Storm Division

1)      KK Swope            

2)      Colin Hoffpauir

3)      Deryk Doherty

4)      Aunika Black


Top Ten Individuals for Crimson Division

1)      JohnMark Clements

2)      Courtney McCracken

3)      Abbey Prichard

4)      Audrey Steinbron

5)      Abi Hands

6)      Katelyn McCracken

7)      Zachary Gray

8)      Adriana James

9)      Daniel Clements

10)  Ashley Gaston


Team Placement for Crimson Division

1)      Field Champions, Oklahoma A – Jase Flud, Zachary Gray, Abi Hands, Jackson Johnstone, and Kaleb Morris

2)      North Arkansas – Daniel Clements, JohnMark Clements, Adriana James, and Genna Stringer

3)      Northeast Texas – Amanda Burkeen, Fallon Burkeen, Leanna Huff, Courtney McCracken, and Katelyn McCracken


Field Team, SNU A

JohnMark Clements

Abi Hands

Courtney McCracken

Jackson Johnstone

Abbey Prichard


Field Team, SNU B

Daniel Clements

Adriana James

Katelyn McCracken

Drew Morris

Zachary Gray


Ruler of the Hill

1)      Ashley Gaston

2)      Audrey Steinbron

3)      Jase Flud

4)      Lilyanna Clark


Give Back to Quizzing Scholarship Recipient

Jaime Acre